Live from Melbourne

Serena Ryan, Bernadette Morley, Thursdays, 7 pm
Live From Melbourne is a weekly show that celebrates Australian music and up-and-coming artists across the country. Featuring from some of Australia’s most celebrated talent, as well as showcasing new music weekly, the show is a lively look at what’s happening in the music industry both in Melbourne and nationally.


Steven Meyer, Daniella Meyer, Thursdays, 6 pm
Retired theoretical physicist Steven Meyer has turned his talents into a career as a science journalist, and hosts this program with his daughter Daniella.

Schlepping and Schmoozing

Alex Dafner, Leon Gettler, Thursdays, 5 pm
The latest in Australian and world news – with a focus on Australian, Global, Israeli, Middle-Eastern, Jewish news and current events.

Kadimah Yiddish Show

Alex Dafner, Thursdays, 4 pm
News and entertainment from Melbourne and around the world in Yiddish (with a smattering of English).

Soul Time

Sharon Tal, Thursdays, 1 pm
Bringing spirituality into your reality and reality into your spirituality!
Sharon is a Kinesiologist, Counsellor, Soul Healer and author. Learn something new every week ! (or just remind yourself how amazing you are).

Australian Jewish News Hour

Josh Levi, Zeddy Lawrence, Phoebe Roth, Dan Shandler, Thursdays, 11 am
The AJN team brings you the latest, hot-off-the-press news of the Jewish world.


Max Korman, Ruby Harris, Thursdays, 8 pm
Chat, talkback and music for the younger members of the community.

Hebrew Music

Listen to great classics, contemporary songs and modern tracks right here at J-AIR Online and 87.8 FM.